thus1Just before 8am a group of people attempted to enter the building site for the Wrexham prison. At the same time a lorry was leaving the site and almost run some of the people over. Security grabbed some people in an attempt to stop them entering the site while one of them locked onto the gate with a D lock.

A second woman locked herself onto the other gate a few minutes later. Police came on the scene and all their attempts to “liaise” with the demonstrators failed. They then took to trying to film people’s faces. The director of the prison project, Simon Caren, spoke to police at length, we can only guess they have a no arrest policy due to controversy of the prison.

DSC00143Local support came with food, blankets and solidarity. A Pig from Greater Manchester Police also turned up and spoke to the capitalist media. It was wet and muddy put people came out despite this, it was clear that local people were deeply unhappy about the prison being built.

In the evening there was a chance to think a little about what Prison Abolition really means. This is very relevant to many of those campaigning against the Wrexham prison. There was an Empty Cages stall at Saith Seren and a chance to discuss alternatives to mass incarceration that reduces harm rather than perpetuate it – as is done by the inherently racist, sexist and classist prison system. The film “Visions of Abolition” was shown and local people had the chance to learn a little about the Prison Abolition movement in the USA, including the ways practical solidarity can be seen at work, fighting the harm caused to vulnerable people / survivors of prison.