fri1On Friday 6th November more action took place around the UK against the prison industrial complex. The demo at the Jamaican High Commission was postponed while a new working group emerged from the public meeting held the night before, who wish to organise a larger demo with more of the London Caribbean community mobilized.

A picket took place at the Spanish Embassy, in solidarity with anarchists arrested in Catalonia. The Spanish State have been continuously arresting, imprisoning and harassing anarchists and this action was dedicated to them. Whatever country we in, we fight for all behind bars.

IMG_7227_2Large neighborhoods of South London had been postered linking the gentrifying projects of Lend Lease with prison construction. Lend Lease had preemptively closed their offices in expectation of a visit. Next time demos won’t be advertised publicly and they won’t know when/where people will show up to disrupt their business in displacing communities.

In Liverpool comrades had organised a fundraising evening for the Lovebank 5 – 5 people that were imprisoned (all now released) for occupying a building and opening it for the homeless. (You can still donate to the Lovebank 5 here). More literature about prison struggles was shared while people raised over £120 for the defendants.