Announcing the End Toxic Prisons Tour – Autumn 2017!

This Autumn, the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons from the US will be touring the UK with Community Action on Prison Expansion. We need you to help organise tour dates in your local town or city.

About: All over the world prisons are toxic environments causing social and ecological harm. Folks from the US have been organising resistance at the intersection of mass incarceration and the environment, successfully delaying the only current Federal prison construction for over 2 years!

meme-ftp-2017Through grassroots organizing, advocacy and direct action they have been challenging the prison system which is putting prisoners at risk of dangerous environmental conditions, as well as impacting surrounding communities and ecosystems by their construction and operation. Learn about their strategy and tactics, as well as broader struggles of prison abolition, anti-racism, and environmental justice.

Information will then be shared about resistance to the six new mega-prisons in England and Wales, which themselves are proposed for toxic sites, including radiological contamination and asbestos pollution, as well as habitat destruction at every site. Learn how you can get involved!

Next Steps: We are seeking local groups to organise info nights between the last week of September and the first week of October 2017. We can support with venue, printing and accessibility costs if needed. If it’s possible for events to be combined with some fundraising activity to help cover the costs of the tour that would be amazing, but no pressure.

Please email with your preferred date and let’s make this happen.

Learn more:

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