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On Saturday 8th November 2014 Movement for Justice will be returning for our fifth demonstration at Harmondsworth & Colnbrook immigration detention centres – where friends and loved ones from our communities are locked up indefinitely for no crime.

Immigration detention imprisons 30,000+ people a year in detention centres, with no release date and not charged or convicted for a crime. Thousands more of us live under the threat of detention and deportation. Every day black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American & Eastern European people are caught up in immigration raids or stopped by immigration officers & police in workplaces, tube stations and on the streets – solely based on our colour or the language we speak. Hundreds of thousands more are affected; we are their families, friends, colleagues, fellow students.

Since June our Surround Harmondsworth demonstrations have become the focus of a growing national immigrant rights movement. This movement has won significant victories – stopping many deportations, winning asylum cases, winning a High Court judgement that Fast Track is unlawful, and the establishment of a Parliamentary Inquiry into detention.

On 8th November Surround Harmondsworth 5 will be a national mobilisation against detention. The members of the Inquiry have been invited to join us there to see and feel the strength of the movement inside and outside detention, and to hear the voices of current and former detainees and those living under constant threat of detention. We are demanding that the Inquiry calls for the only just conclusion – total abolition of immigration detention.

This year we have seen three deaths in detention, most recently the death of Rubel Ahmed, a 26 year old Bangladeshi man who was heard screaming and begging for help, and being refused, in the hours before his death. His death led to the most militant uprising by detainees for several years. Detainees took over the centre (Morton Hall in Lincolnshire). They kicked out the guards and demanded the media take notice. Their mass action got the truth about Rubel Ahmed’s death widely publicised and stopped another Home Office cover-up.

Uniting mass resistance inside detention and mass action by our communities is the way to win. Join us on 8th November, mobilise your community, friends, family, fellow students. Make the corridors of Harmondsworth ring again with the call for freedom.

“… If you are fighting and you don’t have a weapon, you go weak. My sisters, the weapon is here now, I’ve found it, Movement for Justice. Anybody who is ready to fight, join the movement.” Maimuna Jawo, Movement for Justice leader, at MFJ Public Hearing ‘Yarl’s Wood on Trial’ 22/11/13.

Demo’s supported by: Unity Centre Glasgow, NUS Black Students Campaign, Birkbeck Black Students Committee, SOAS Detainee Support Group, Leeds No Borders, London Guantanamo Campaign, Bristol Dignity for Asylum Seekers, London Black Revolutionaries, No One is Illegal, This is Not a Gateway, Myrdle Court Press, WSSAG Wales, Right to Remain, Brent Anti-Racism Campaign, Anti Raids Network, Close Campsfield Campaign, Lambeth UNISON, Bristol Dignity for Asylum Seekers, MAX (Movement Against Xenophobia), SOAS Student Union, Beyond Borders Tyneside

For more info on Movement for Justice: http://www.movementforjustice.org/