Onai1n Thursday the 18th of February, Campaigners opposed an attempt to white wash the North Wales Prison Project with a “gender equality” event to encourage more women to work in the industry of prison expansion.

Chwarae Teg (meaning “Fair Play” in Welsh) hosted a careers fair and a “tour” of the prison site. Campaigners however were not allowed onto the prison site – they unfurled a banner which received a varied reaction from the public; from beeps of support and taking leaflets to verbal abuse about us all needing to “get a job”.

They sent those that went to the careers fair out through the back gate to avoid them passing us – however they could not stop those attending this “fair” from hearing our chants on the megaphone condemning Lend Lease from profiteering from putting people in cages, tearing families apart and ripping people from their communities.

The harm of the Prison Industrial Complex is gendered. The number of women in prison is rising exponentially and although more men are in prison, if you go on any prison visit you will see mostly women there – supporting the men inside.When a father is incarcerated, the mother has to bring up the kids on her own. These are some of the ways the Wrexham Prison and prison expansion in the UK will hurt us as women.

Coming up there will be a women and trans week of action against the north Wales prison. We will be back!