“Advertising is legitimised lying.” – HG Wells.

The Metropolitan Police Force spend ridiculous sums of our money trying to convince us – and themselves – that they’re not violent, racist and corrupt. In 2012 it was £12.6m and in 2013 it was £9.3 – in two weeks alone last year they wasted nearly half a million pounds of public money on pointless poster campaigns. This is from the webpage promoting the local policing pilot scheme:

“Evidence tells us that giving people very local information about police action in their area may increase the confidence they have in police. These boroughs were chosen as places where confidence in policing is lower than average.”

It’s propaganda pure and simple: they want us to forget that they murdered Mark Duggan, an unarmed civilian, and caused the 2011 riots; they’d rather you didn’t talk about being 12 times more likely to be stopped and searched in London if you don’t have white skin; and if the heavily redacted Operation Tiberius report is anything to go by, they definitely don’t want you to know about the 42 corrupt senior Metropolitan Police officers caught literally letting criminals get away with murder. Their entire barrel is rotten, so they want to keep the lid tight shut.

To redress the balance a bit, we came up with our own posters. They’re available for you to freely download and distribute – help us spread the word and print yourself out some counter-propaganda today!

Totally Pointless Policing – poster download

Update: coming correct

Some people have questioned the 28 times more likely figure. When we created the Totally Pointless designs, the national average showed black people were 28 times more likely to be stopped and searched – today it’s 25. And the correct figure for the Metropolitan Police Force is actually a mere 12 times. These are the figures for section 60 stops, where no reasonable suspicion is required.

The City of Racist…sorry, London police were quick to point out that “none of the matters raised in your ads relate to us.” We asked the City of London police for their disproportionality figures but they delayed and then obfuscated by sending us their total number of stops (wasting public money in this way was one of the issues the posters originally raised). We look forward to receiving the actual disproportionality figures, as requested.

We say anything other than parity is unjust. Since the posters went up, we’ve heard a lot of comment along the lines of: but black people commit more crime. That’s just wrong – there’s literally no credible evidence for this assertion at all.

We made a mistake – unlike the Met, we don’t mind admitting when we do…

(Statistics source: StopWatch)