Tuesday, May 24 at 5:30 PM

Black Cat

76 Clarence Road, E5 8HB London, United Kingdom

Co-hosted by Empty Cages Collective and North London Food Not Bombs at the Black Cat Cafe in Hackney!

————————–— TIMETABLE ————————–
The workshop needs to start on time as the facilitator needs to travel back to Wales the same night, so please be there before 6pm!
5.30: Open
6.00-8pm: Welcome + Workshop by Empty Cages Collective
8.00-8.30: food by North London Food Not Bombs
8.30: Food Not Bombs 101
8.45: solidarity card writing
9.30: end

The evening will start with an interactive workshop on the prison industrial complex facilitated by a member of Empty Cages Collective, followed by a prisoner solidarity letter writing session as well as 100% vegan/halal/kosher food cooked by North London Food Not Bombs!

There is only space for 25-30 people maximum so please book your ticket online beforehand over here:

Donations will cover the travel ticket for the facilitator who’s joining us all the way from Wales as well as Food Not Bombs, to help us continue our free lunches in Tottenham. Suggested donations are £3 (unwaged) / £5 (waged) / £7 (higher waged) but we won’t turn anyone away if you can’t afford to donate. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Note on accessibility: there is a small step (8 cm) by the front door, the toilet is wheelchair accessible.

THE TEAR DOWN THE WALLS TOUR is a chance to learn about struggles against prisons across England, Wales & Scotland. The 1.5 hour workshop explores the role of prison in our lives, how the Prison Industrial Complex harms individuals and communities and alternatives to it. We introduce examples of state violence, like the IPP sentences, and we focus on prison expansion, as well as the role of prison labour. We explore recent resistance & ongoing struggles and aim to support new groups to emerge that can fight this racist, sexist, brutal system.

There are currently 85,690 people held in prison, not including people detained under the Mental Health Act, in Secure Children’s homes or in Immigration detention. The prison population of Britain has doubled over the last twenty years.

Not only do we have the highest prison population per capita in Europe, but we also have the most privatised prison system with 11.6% (over 10,000) of prisoners held in private prisons. Plans are already under way to build the country’s first “super prison” in Wrexham that would hold 2,000 people alone.

It is clear that we are seeing a growing trend towards an ever expanding prison-industrial-complex similar to the one we see today in the United States. The United States has 25% of the global prison population despite only being home to 4% of the world’s population.

Now is the perfect time to strike and stem the growth of the
prison-industrial-complex in our country. Currently the government plans to build 9 new mega prisons by 2020 on top of HMP Berwyn, currently being built in North Wales whitch will be the second biggest prison in Europe. Though the drive towards privatisation and increased incarceration has already begun it is not too late to organise to stop it.

The aim of the Tear Down The Walls Tour is to highlight the importance of prison abolition as part of the wider struggle against oppression and spread literacy around the prison society.

Black Cat cafe is a 100% vegan, cooperatively run space in Hackney-London that aims to promote an ethical lifestyle.