London Day of Action

Contact Info

The contact number that will be in use during the day: 07494 783122 |

Background Info

UK Funded Jamaican Prison

The British state are proposing to fund the building of a new prison in Jamaica, in the hopes that prisoner transfers from UK prisons can no longer be resisted under human rights grounds due to the dire conditions of current Jamaica prisons. Many of the “foreign criminals” who will be affected by this have in fact spent most of their lives in the UK, their families and friends are here and they do not consider Jamaica to be their home.

North Wales Mega Prison

3275328The state are currently building Europe’s second biggest prison in Wrexham, North Wales. The prison will hold more than 2100 people and cost £250 million to build. Australian contractor Lend Lease was awarded the contract to build the Wrexham titan prison by the Government in May 2014 but only achieved planning permission last November. Our aims are to resist it, slow it down and send a message to the state and prison industry that it is not acceptable to profit from caging human beings.

The Prison Industrial Complex

Both of these prisons are part of a bigger agenda of prison expansion and social control and must be resisted. We can slow and stop their construction and send a message to the industry that we will not stand by as our communities are incarcerated. We are fighting until all are free.