On Saturday a large demonstration was held at ‘Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre’ in Bedfordshire. This was largest protest yet at a migrant detention center in the UK. Numbers were reportedly over 800, with coaches traveling from across the country, including Manchester. The feeling in the crowd was angry and powerful, with marchers tearing down the outer perimeter fence to get closer to those held inside and to make there presence known. Detainees could be seen waving and holding signs out of the windows.

This could be the beginning of a renewed movement against migrant detention in the UK and the abolition of immigration prisons. As we fight against immigration prisons and borders we should also be aware of the racism inherent to totality of the prison system.

There will be another demonstration at the centre on the 8th August with possible coaches from Manchester. For more information, http://www.movementforjustice.org/

The Guardian video coverage;