This can’t happen without folks getting involved and getting stuck in! Contact us at if anything below calls you to work together with us. Please be specific and honest about your desires, needs and capacity. We hugely appreciate your time and energy.


  1. Increase the number of people involved in the collective itself, including more ex-prisoners.
  2. Continue to grow the number of people engaged in abolitionist ideas and practice.
  3. Support more formerly incarcerated people to lead and organise, as well as encouraging people who aren’t formerly incarcerated to do the work necessary for that to take place.
  4. Share the load of managing inboxes and social media.
  5. Develop a more solid fundraising strategy – for example, more people donating regularly to support our work.


  1. Organise Festival of resisting borders and prisons in Manchester, in conjunction with other groups, in April.
  2. Foster transformative justice practices in activist organisations by organising workshops and signal boosting groups that practice good transformative justice.
  3. Attend the Shut Morton Hall demonstration and continue to build links between those resisting borders and detention.
  4. Organise an international action camp in the summer at one of the mega-prison sites to support local resistance to the project.
  5. Work with the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee WISE-RA and Smash IPP to organise IPP prisoners and enable inside-led actions against indeterminate sentences
  6. Support Community Action on Prison Expansion and local groups to resist prison expansion in the UK through developing specific, focused campaigns as well as leveraging resources to consistent local organising efforts
  7. Be actively involved in organising the International Conference on Penal Abolition (ICOPA) that is taking place in June 2018 in London. Focus on ensuring prisoner voices are included.
  8. Work with other grassroots groups to organise Jail Break June – a month of action against the prison industrial complex in the UK
  9. Continue to generate solidarity and mutual aid for individual prisoners through sharing their call-outs for support on our growing networks
  10. Develop our workshops and materials to better draw attention to the links between the prison industrial complex and racial capitalism, racism and white supremacy
  11. Organise some prison law training so that ourselves and others can better support prisoners to agitate

Publications and resources

  1. Produce a regular podcast.
  2. Produce a consistent newsletter every two months.
  3. Produce a toolkit for local groups
  4. As part of that toolkit, develop a ‘course’ of structured workshops that others can use in their locality.
  5. Launch an online store to help fundraise for our work and enable greater distribution of anti-prison literature.
  6. Better develop our distro of materials such as zines and books, and work on getting more material into prisoners
  7. Organise some film showings of the Injustice Documentary
  8. Develop some short films about abolitionist ideas that can be shared on social media and elsewhere

Long-term organising

  1. Catalyse and foster the growth of more abolitionist groups in localities.
  2. Encourage engagement on abolitionist ideas from groups that aren’t explicitly prison abolitionist.
  3. Utilise our work to strengthen broader anti-state and liberatory struggles