Tens of thousands of people are held in British prisons. Each of these human beings are likely to have friends, family, partners, lovers and associates that are affected by their absence and sentence.

The Empty Cages Collective in collaboration with Bristol ABC, are putting together a publication about what life is like on the outside for those supporting their friends, family and comrades through the prison system.

We are inviting content from anyone who supports someone in prison, before, during and after their sentence.

Contributions of articles, poems, artwork and more are invited.

We welcome stories of your direct personal experience, the harm the prison system causes and how you have got through, or continue to get through. Political commentary is also more than welcome as well as ideas of how we can better support each other to cope with the emotional, practical and financial challenges of supporting someone we care about through their time inside.

Please email your submissions to info@prisonabolition.org or to bristolabc@riseup.net

The deadline for content is May 1st 2014.

If you would like support in writing or putting together your ideas, we are happy to help.

In solidarity, until all are free,

Bristol ABC & Empty Cages Collective