The Empty Cages Collective intends to produce an Abolition Toolkit for organisers resisting the prison industrial complex in the UK.

This will be a collective effort, with writings and contributions from those in prison and out. The purposes of the toolkit are to create UK specific materials that:

  • Support us to understand our own histories in the UK and our role in birthing the prison industrial complex in our Island and in countries we have colonised and dominated through history (and continue to exploit and harm)
  • Support us to see the values and beliefs in our communities that perpetuate the prison industrial complex & how we can unlearn them
  • Help us identify points of leverage that can delay, halt and dismantle the prison industrial complex in the UK before its power grows
  • Support us to create multiple visions for prison abolition in the UK and steps for getting there

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In the meantime, organisers in the US have produced some outstanding materials focused on prison abolition and strategies for achieving it. See our resources page for more information & downloads available.