MondayMonday 2nd November was the first Day of Action as part of a Week of Action against the North Wales Prison and the broader prison industrial complex.

People took to the streets in Cardiff, South Wales to make noise about IPP sentences. Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences were abolished in 2012, however, this was what not done retrospectively. This left more than 5000 people in jail for a non-existing law with no date of release. The Smash IPP campaign have have chosen to stand against IPP and work towards the release of all persons in prison who have passed their original sentence.

The day started with a visible and noisy presence on St Mary’s Street, with hundreds of leaflets being given out to passersby that were shocked to hear about IPPs and their harm.

678x960xSMASH-IPP-POSTER.jpg.pagespeed.ic.V3MhV69jsFPeople then moved to Cardiff Probation Office. Probation Officers make decisions everyday about whether IPP prisoners are granted parole or condemned to more and more time in prison. Smash IPP would encourage groups to have a presence outside their local probation office to keep the pressure on those decision makers. One again, more noise was made and more leaflets distributed.

After loosing the police, a small group then headed to Faithful and Gould, a company deeply embedded in providing project and cost management services to the North Wales Prison Project. Not wanting to wait outside and be ignored, people headed into the office to inform them what we thought of them. A banner was hung ‘Stop the North Wales Prison Project’ while others shouted and used the megaphone to bring attention to their involvement in this shameful project. As Security’s desperate attempts to remove us intensified, we made a sharp exit.

Overall a great start to the week, evidence that small local groups can easily bring attention to the struggles of prisoners and their loved ones. Smash the Prison Industrial Complex!

Monday Two