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From London to Turin


From the UK antifascist movement to the anarchist movement in Turin, the State is seeking to harass, criminalize and incarcerate anyone who dares struggle for their liberation. Our solidarity knows no borders and we will not forget our imprisoned comrades.

The need for a London based antifascist discussion has been made all the more urgent in the wake of another antifascist being sent to prison, following on from the clashes with fascists in Dover last year. The Dover port was targeted by anti migrant protests as a main entry point for immigrants entering from continental Europe, and determined efforts to resist the fascists resulted in a number of arrests . The significance of the Dover protests for the antifascist struggle and how we can support our comrades facing repression will also be discussed .

For the past few years in Turin, this time of year has been marked by a surge of state intimidation against those engaged in social struggles, as well as the repression of their spaces and social centres. This year has been no different. The most recent initiatives have been linked to the aggressive gentrification of neighbourhoods in Turin as a means of mass social cleansing and the eradication of the threat which anarchists pose to this sickening project. The info night will feature a live link up with Radio Blackout, a pirate radio in Turin, to talk about the recent police raids which resulted in the arrest and current pre-trial detention of 6 anarchists from the Asilo Occupato. The squat was raided by cops in retaliation after one of their cars, harassing people in the neighbourhood, was encircled and driven out of the area.

All proceeds from the night will go towards the respective solidarity funds of the UK antifascist and the Turin 6.

Wednesday 17th of May
7pm Food
8-10pm Info night

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No cage can contain our rage,
Freedom for All


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Recently in the UK, an antifascist was jailed for a year following clashes with fascists in Dover last year. The port was targeted for anti migrant protests as a main entry point immigrants entering through continental Europe. The Dover protests were a rallying point for a number of fascist groupes, among them the South East Alliance, the North West Infidels and the National Front. A series of contentious clashes resulted in a prison sentence already for one antifascist prisoner last year.

Kent Anti Racism Network are asking you to dig deep to help us raise much needed funds for a well-respected comrade who has been jailed.

We would like fellow antifascists and anti-racists to show solidarity by donating to our crowdfunder.

Money is needed for this person’s family, keeping their home, and a myriad of other essential things

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For the past few years in Turin, this time of year has been marked by a wave of police repression against those engaged in social struggles and their space such as squats and social centres. This year has been no different. This year’s wave of repression is linked to the aggressive gentrification of neighbourhoods in Turin which is resulting in mass social cleansing and criminalisation of those who fight against it.

At 6:30 am on May the 3rd , police raided the Asilo Occupato , the Giulio Cesare and Dora occupations and two homes in Turin and Barge. This resulted in the kidnapping of 6 comrades by the police and another individual still being searched for. Their violence wasn’t only limited to arresting people, the cops destroyed equipment, caused extensive damage to the buildings and disconnected the gas to the Asilo occupation. They also seized people’s mobile phones, laptops, spray cans, clothing and stole money from a solidarity fund.

According to the local media, the 6 arrests were for an incident that is alleged to have taken place in the night of the 25th and 26th of February. During a benefit dinner at the Asilo, police were intimidating and conducting ID checks on people in the neighbourhood. This lead to confrontation between squatters and carabinieri. The 6 comrades were arrested on alleged charges of assaulting police officers, damaging a police car and kidnapping a police officer.

The raids were also part of an investigation into an attack against Lavazza’s headquarters which caused extensive damage to the multinational offices.

Antonio de Lecce, Antonio Sardo, Camille, Fabiola, Fran and Jade were brought to the Valletta prison to be caged up until their trial. The Italian legal system is notoriously slow and they could be imprisoned for months before even setting foot in a court room.

To send letters and cards;

Antonio Rizzo
Antonio Pittalis
Camille Casteran
Giada Volpacchio
Fabiola De Costanzo
Francisco Esteban Tosina

CASA CIRCONDARIALE – Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta, 35 – 10151 Torino

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