Practice Solidarity with those harmed by the Prison Industrial Complex to Prisoners
Letters are one of the key forms of communication between those inside & those outside. Through writing prisoners can know they are never alone.

Don’t know anyone in prison? You can find lists of prisoners that welcome letters through different organisations such as:

Financially Support Prisoners through donations to groups such as the ones listed above. Find a list of other grasroots groups here. Organise a benefit gig, do a sponsored run, any activity that can raise much needed funds for long term prisoner support.

Donate books to Prisoners through projects such as Haven Distribution

Visit Prisoners. Many prisoners aren’t visited for their entire sentence. A visit can make a world of difference to someone trying to survive in HMP. If you don’t have mates or loved ones to visit, organisations such as the Prisoner Friends & Family Service have a befriending service.

Organise & participate in Solidarity Demos
All over the world people demonstrate outside prisons with the main purpose being to let the people know inside that they are not alone and that there are people organising for their freedom in solidarity with them. Many people take the streets outside jails on New Years Eve.

Organise & participate in Solidarity Actions
There are diverse forms of resistance and actions we can take in solidarity, which may range from information evenings to criminal damage. Any visible resistance undertaken in support of prisoners is an action in solidarity.