ECClogoThank you for your interest in supporting the Empty Cages Collective! We greatly encourage people to work in their own communities and with existing groups that share there passions, however, we realise there is urgency and necessity to work at a national and international level.

Here are some current projects that we welcome participation and support with:

Publications Collective

We welcome people that can explore, write and collaboratively work together in producing:

  • A UK-specific Abolition Toolkit, to help us understand the history of imprisonment on our Island (as well as our colonial domination elsewhere) and the values and beliefs in our communities that perpetuate the prison industrial complex & how we can unlearn them. We want to create a useful toolkit that can inspire us to act and help us to see where we can best place our efforts in delaying, halting and dismantling the prison industrial complex in the UK before its power grows. We also want to capture multiple visions of prison abolition.
  • Responding to requests for articles & regularly writing news posts & articles for distribution.

This are our starting points but we welcome any other ideas for projects & publications.

Research Collective

Can you help translate prison service orders into plainspeak? Do you understand government press releases? Do you know the best ways to get the lowdown on the growing private prison industry?

We are seeking people with research skills to join a research collective to support with this work. Time input can be as little or as much as you like. Please get in touch:

Popular Education Collective

Interested in designing creative workshops that are participatory, empowering and above all inclusive? We are supporting an emerging network of popular educators that are up for organising events, or doing workshops at others, about the prison industrial complex in the UK and ideas around abolition. Interested in getting involved? Make sure you get to the weekend in May, details for which are here.

Conference Collective

We are looking for people that are interested in helping to organise a National Conference for Prison Abolition in London in 2015. We need speakers, workshop leaders, people to do stalls, people to help on the day & support with advertising before the event. Get in touch & help make the Conference a milestone in penal history!

For any of the above projects, please make contact by emailing

Support Our Work

If you don’t have the capacity to get involved in any new projects, you could also support us by:

  • Inviting us to an event
  • Helping to organise a local event in your area
  • Promoting our work to your friends, families and networks
  • Making a donation
  • Taking action for abolition in the multiple ways you can