Three people have recently been sent to prison for 15 and 16 months for an anti-fracking action (one was on remand and was just released).

Please learn more about their case here:

The three prisoners are currently being held at Preston prison. We are unsure how long they will remain in Preston before being moved on to another prison. However, letters of support are very welcome. To write to them write to: HMP Preston, 2 Ribbleton Lane, Preston, Lancs, PR1 5AB

Letters need to:

  • Be A5 size
  • Have their prisoner number on the envelope and the letter itself
  • Include your full name and address in the body of the letter

(Due to the Spice epidemic in Preston Prison letters are being photocopied and the original letter and envelope and do not reach the prisoner. The drug is being pasted onto the paper.)

Richard Roberts prisoner number: A9915EF

Roscoe Blevins prisoner number: A9902EF

Rich Loizou isn’t making his prisoner number public.

Please bear in mind all mail will be read and will be photocopied. They will not receive the original letter.

For some more detailed ideas about how to frame your letters see this helpful more detailed guide from NETPOL

HMP Preston also supports the Email a Prisoner Service. For a small fee (paid by the sender), you can send an email using the prisoner number to ensure it arrives and the prison will print it out and include it in the daily mail delivery. Unfortunately, Preston is one of the prisons that does not allow prisoners to reply in the same way.