Jamaica Prison

About the Proposed Prison

The prison would hold 1500 people and the British state would be contributing £25million to the project. This is part of a wider £300 million ‘aid’ package, setting Jamaica up for increased trade and capitalist exploitation. The UK have not been able to deport people to Jamaica because of horrific jail conditions, described by some local people as ‘dungeons’.

The new prison would enable a prisoner transfer agreement, allowing Jamaican nationals to be forcibly deported. This is part of a bigger picture of the now global trade in human beings.

“Utilizing elaborate ‘prisoner transfer agreements’ and the building of maximum security prisons in other countries that largely benefit the UK (or the exporting country in question) a global trade in prisoners is in swing and its routes and circuits are not far removed from those of the slave trade two centuries or so ago.” – Annie Paul

606x341_314412Foreign national prisoners are vital to fanning the flames of ‘immigration paranoia’ in the media; a discourse used to justify inherent institutional racism and state violence. The money would not be used to ‘improve conditions’. The most recent ‘modern prison’, HMP Oakwood in the UK, is plagued with violence, rioting and endemic prisoner neglect in meeting people’s basic needs or human rights.

“A place where wrenching somebody from their home is a matter of justice for the ‘British tax-payer’, where bodies and lives are forcibly transported to honour racially inscribed citizenship policies, and where, ultimately, deportations are celebrated while reparations are ridiculed.” – Luke de Noronha

The discourse of ‘human rights’ is used to justify the racist and patriarchal exploitation that underpins the global prison industrial complex that accumulates wealth from caging and transporting human beings (a complex itself, emerging out of slavery).

“This traffic in chained bodies is growing. It resuscitates the authority structures of colonial slavery with new legal forms, purposes, and names.” – Scott Long

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