Prison Action London has formed to organise in response to the Prison Industrial Complex. We believe movement to reform prisons only helps to legitimise and perpetuate the harmful nature of the prison system. We aim to work in many different ways and aligned with many different people and groups but focused and directed towards prison abolition.

We organise horizontally without hierarchy, and reject the idea of having ‘answers’ or ‘one size fits all solutions’. We are committed to building collective knowledge from our own lives, from listening with others and then generating conversation, creating projects and taking action together that emerges from that.

We recognise the intersecting nature of all oppressive systems (such as racism, sexism, homophobia, speciesism etc). We are consciously trying on a daily basis to understand, unlearn and act upon eradicating all forms of domination.

We are inspired by the Anarchist ideas that we can take responsibility for our own lives as a move towards self-determination. We reject being governed by the unjust/ violent infrastructure of the state and aim to creatively self-organise by listening and responding together to collective needs.

We have our first public meeting, December 15th at 7pm
at 56a Infoshop/ FareShares food co-op shared space
56 Crampton Street
SE17 3AE

All welcome, and we’d especially like to make the links between & unite with struggles against police brutality and immigration detention centres.

Please come along to exchange ideas, conversation and plans for action.