The Empty Cages Collective are calling for a month of action against prisons and the state this March 2019.

The month is dedicated to Anna Campbell, an active anti-prison organiser, who was killed on the 15th March 2018 in Northern Syria by a Turkish Air Strike. Anna was fighting with the YPG (People’s Protection Units) to defend the revolutionary process happening in the region. As a dedicated feminist, Anna sought to learn how women were organising in the revolution and wanted to witness the processes of direct democracy and non-hierarchical organisation of society.

Anna is deeply missed and this month of action is dedicated to her.

The first step to abolition is to stop the system expanding. We are encouraging people to support the campaign against prison expansion in England, Wales and Scotland.

On the CAPE website you can find full details on all of the prison construction projects in England and Scotland, as well as the companies profiteering from the work. These projects include three mega-prisons, a new detention centre, new prisons in Scotland and a new network of children’s prisons.

Please send us info on planned public events and actions to put on our website. Likewise, please send us action reports or communiques afterwards.

Towards a world without prisons! For Anna!

anna poster 1