The Empty Cages Collective condemns the trans misogynistic statement authored by Richard Garside, head of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS). We have previously worked with the CCJS for the Aboltionist Futures Conference.

We are outraged that Garside continually misgenders trans women throughout the piece.

In suggesting that trans women may “abuse” the right to access women’s prisons, Garside parrots the trans misogynistic fear mongering that harms and kills trans women every day.

Trans women who are incarcerated in men’s prisons are abused; their hormones are denied; they are victimised by other inmates and by the guards. Trans women commit suicide in prison, and every time this happens it is state murder, propped up by pseudo academic arguments that present them as “dangerous men”.

Trans women in women’s prisons does not compromise women’s humans rights. Being in prison, locked in cages, is what denies women their human rights. There is no justice in the criminal justice system incarcerating women in men’s prisons, or in incarcerating them at all.

The prison system is structurally transphobic, classist, sexist, racist and ableist. The struggle for trans liberation can not be seperated from the struggle to abolish prisons. We condemn Garside for utilising this heinous system to justify his trans misogyny. He should know better.

Garside calls for a “Calm, considered and respectful discussion” as our sisters are abused and murdered. This is a vile example of tone policing. We rage in the memory of our trans sisters who have been murdered already, and will continue to fight for the freedom of those who live.