Following the reflection of our efforts in 2015, below are some aims for 2016.

This can’t happen without you. Contact us at if anything below calls you to work together with us. Please be specific and honest about your desires, needs and capacity. We hugely appreciate your time and energy.


  • Increase the number of people involved in the collective itself
  • Increase the number of ex-prisoners & prisoner friends and family involved both in the collective (and the wider movement)
  • Strengthen our research capacity. Submit more FOI requests, especially around the North Wales Prison.
  • Finalise bank account & create more opportunities for people to donate and support our work.
  • Create a systematic social media strategy & implement it.
  • Try to find some low-cost/affordable office space.
  • Aim to meet at least every two weeks.


Events & Actions

  • Organise a Women & Trans* Week of Action and Gathering to build relationships with feminist, trans & queer movements and generate increasing action and attention to the prison system.
  • Organise a North Wales Tour & Week of Action. Facilitate workshops in welsh & try to support more local people to resist the North Wales Prison Project.
  • WT Week Welsh without bleedsOrganise a speaking tour with comrades from anti-prison struggles in Belgium
  • Organise more public meetings, especially in areas at risk of prison construction and expansion.
  • Try to inspire and support more regular resistance to North Wales Prison.
  • Organise a two-day gathering for local groups & disparate individuals that want to fight the P.I.C, with skillshares & ideas for action.

Publications, Resources & Materials

  • Aim to produce a consistent monthly newsletter.
  • Produce a toolkit for local groups with resources on doing anti-prison work locally.
  • Produce the Report about the Prison Industrial Complex in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Use more diverse media. Explore the possibility of creating a short film about the prison industrial complex in England/Wales/Scotland.
  • Make the Community Action on Prison Expansion website and all materials bilingual (Welsh & English).
  • Produce a zine with the Smash IPP campaign that shares writings from IPP prisoners & their loved ones. The focus being indeterminate sentences.
  • Increase the visibility of the ECC by writing more articles in magazines, especially Inside Times. Develop a publications collective that can respond to article requests.

Long Term Organising

  • Focus on strengthening local groups that exist & supporting new ones to start. Aim to have at least 10 local groups regularly organising by the end of 2016.
  • Focus on supporting the launch of the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee.
  • Focus on creating an anti-prison, and potentially anti-represion, network in England/Wales/Scotland to support with networking and movement building. Aim to organise quarterly national meetings.
  • Aim to make more links with prison struggles internationally. 
  • Aim to build stronger links with other movements (e.g. Anti-Psychiatry Movement, DPAC, Mad Pride)

To get involved in any of the above projects, please make contact by emailing